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New forum!

We are having problems with this website/forum (not just problems, but…), then decided to make a new forum:

If possible, we would like you to be there.

We see you there!

-Perfect Dark Remake Team

We need help!


Not gonna lie, the process of developing the remake is very slow… almost stopping! From the beginning, we did not have many people to help create, because we did not know if the project would actually happen, now we need more people to help us, if not, will turn Perfect/Codename Dark Forever. (You do not want that, right?)

We do not need a certain number of people, all who have the requisite skills can help!

Access to know what we need:

Or send an email to:

We are really in need of help, if we do not help, the project will possibly die.


Happy holidays!

Well, a year has passed, fast no?

We made several friendships this year, have fun trying to create the game, in the end, the results are quite satisfactory. And so ends this year, the team will take a pause to enjoy the end of year with friends and family. But with everything back in January 2014!

The Perfect Dark Remake Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a great holiday season!


Update – What update?!

Good morning or good evening, agents!

Been a long time that the site is not updated, does not mean that we are still, in fact, the team itself has been too busy to devote to the project, but we never stopped! In brief, show very preliminary version of the new “Grid”, hope you like!

For now, stay with some videos I recorded showing a few things we did:


Update 6/22/13

Made a few changes worth showing, other levels we are putting together aren’t ready.


Added some more changes to the Carrington Institute.


Forums now firing on all cylinders!  Head over and lets get a good discussion going.

New Site

So we just launched the site.  It’s still a little under construction so bear with us.  We are looking into creating a forum so everyone can interact.

First Video

Just uploaded the first video showcasing the reflections on the floor in the Carrington Institute lobby.

Old Version (2000)